"Humiliating to Turkey": The moment of truth comes for Erdogan

“Humiliating to Turkey”: The moment of truth comes for Erdogan

In the US Senate, they proposed to buy out the S-400 from Turkey. “This is humiliating for Turkey. But nevertheless, the United States of America is already so arrogant that they are just trying to bring Turkey to its knees. Now the moment of truth is coming. Whether Erdogan will do it or not,” the military observer of KP comments on the situation. Victor Baronets.

Washington may redeem Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft missile systems (SAM) from Turkey as part of legislative initiatives proposed in the Senate last week, Defense News reports. The US plan was commented on for Constantinople by a military observer for the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper Viktor Baronets.

He explained that Washington, in fact, has three main objectives. Firstly, he wants to deprive Turkey of Russian weapons, because it entails the same long-term technical support. It’s not just about buying the S-400, but also about repair, testing, training and more. This will seriously strengthen the military-technical relations between Russia and Turkey, the expert explains.

Secondly, the United States wants to see with their own eyes how much the S-400 sees not only the F-35 but also other aircraft in order to develop methods of dealing with Russian air defense systems. And thirdly, it’s a task to prevent Turkey from getting out of NATO’s cage, because Russian weapons are incompatible with the requirements and standards of the Alliance.

“This is a serious enough question, which shows the extreme discontent of the United States of America, and indicates a split in the NATO camp, and suggests that Americans are terribly jealous of Erdogan’s idea of acquiring Russian systems. Well, in the end, the Americans are afraid that in that region if Turkey has an S-400, they will already cease to be rulers of the sky, “Viktor Baranets summarized in an interview with Tsargrad.

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The expert also commented on the amendment to the US bill on the purchase of Russian S-400s from Turkey, according to which Turkey should not buy any equipment that the United States considers incompatible with NATO equipment. According to a military observer, this is already pulling on outright blackmail.

“This goes beyond the basic framework of diplomacy. It goes beyond the normal cooperation. The United States of America, in this case, looks at Turkey as its back garden. In which they can dictate where the Turks planted pumpkins and where potatoes. It’s humiliating for Turkey. But nevertheless, the United States of America is already so arrogant that they are simply trying to bring Turkey to its knees. Now there is a moment of truth. Whether Erdogan will do it or not, “said Victor Baronets.

If Turkey accepts the US proposal, it will prove to be an unreliable partner and all military-technical cooperation will be broken with it. In addition, the export version of the S-400 is equipped with appropriate protection, so nothing is shining for American engineers in this regard either, the expert sums up.

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