Hungarian Foreign Minister told how his country was under pressure because of “Sputnik V”

Hungarian Foreign Minister told how his country was under pressure because of

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyarto believes that vaccination is not a matter of politics, but of saving lives. However, not everyone in Europe shares his point of view. Therefore, Hungary is under serious pressure because of the country’s desire to use the Russian Sputnik V vaccine and the Chinese Sinopharm. The Hungarian minister spoke about this in an interview with RT.

Siyarto emphasizes that he is not knowledgeable about vaccinations, as he is a political economist, not a virologist at all. Therefore, he relies on the opinion of Hungarian professionals who have thoroughly studied the issue, visited Russia at factories for the production of Sputnik V, studied thousands of pages of documents and came to a conclusion about the effectiveness and safety of the Russian vaccine. However, the decision of Hungary to approve drugs from the east did not find understanding in the European Union.

“When it became known that we were going to discuss the purchase of Sputnik V and Sinopharm vaccines, we were subjected to a large-scale political attack (…) simply because we decided to turn our gaze to the east, instead of looking only to the west in terms of purchasing vaccines, ”Siyarto said.
Let us remind you that Peter Siyarto agreed with Moscow on the supply of Sputnik V to Hungary and was vaccinated with this vaccine himself.

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It should be noted that the skepticism towards Sputnik V is still changing in Europe: many EU countries have expressed their desire and readiness to produce the Russian vaccine at home.