Hungary protests against Orban’s pressure on media

By | July 25, 2020
Hungary protests against Orban's pressure on media

The editor-in-chief resigned from the local independent publication Index, followed by three other editors and more than 70 employees.
In Budapest, thousands of people protest against media interference after the announcement of the dismissal of most journalists from the independent publication This is reported by the on Saturday, July 25.

The protesters marched from the editorial office to the official residence of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, shouting “democracy!” and “we’re pretty.” So they expressed dissatisfaction because of external interference in the work of the Index editorial board.

Representatives of the opposition liberal momentum party Momentum and the nationalist Jobbik party took part in the protest.

The day before, three editors, as well as more than 70 employees of the independent news site Index, wrote their resignations after their editor-in-chief resigned, which they said was an “open attempt to exert pressure”.

Recall that in Ukraine journalists were attacked 40 times in six months. At the same time, 10 incidents of physical aggression against media workers took place in June, most of them occurred in Kyiv.

In addition, journalists were attacked in Kharkiv for filming a story about a murder. The aggressive man took the operator’s tripod from the video camera and rushed to the parked car.

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