Illinois residents sue Facebook for $650 million

Illinois residents sue Facebook for $650 million

A court in California has approved a $650 million settlement offer by Facebook to settle an Illinois class-action lawsuit over the company’s use of facial recognition technology, the Chicago Tribune reported.
Illinois residents filed a class-action lawsuit against Facebook in 2015, accusing the company of violating the law over its use of facial recognition technology to collect biometric data. Facebook had previously offered $650 million to settle the class-action lawsuit, the company had originally offered to pay only $550 million, but a district court in San Francisco expressed doubt about the sufficiency of that amount.

According to the court order, each of the 1.6 million state residents who sued will receive at least $345 in compensation from the company. Some of the money will go toward legal fees.
According to the newspaper, Judge James Donato called the settlement a “landmark result.” “Overall, the settlement (of the lawsuit – ed.) is a major victory for consumers in the pressing issue of personal data protection in the digital space,” the newspaper quoted the judge as saying.

Earlier, it was reported that Facebook would no longer automatically use facial recognition technology on the social network. The company said that users have always had the opportunity to choose whether to use facial recognition, but promised that in the future this function will be disabled by default, and users will be able to allow its use in the settings.

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