In 2019, NATO intercepted Russian aircraft nearly 300 times

By | May 24, 2020
In 2019, NATO intercepted Russian aircraft nearly 300 times

Aircraft were intercepted in European airspace, often spotted over the Black Sea.
In 2019, aircraft of the North Atlantic Alliance intercepted Russian aircraft in European airspace 290 times. About this with reference to its source in NATO reports Radio Liberty on Sunday, May 24.

“In 2019, allied aircraft flew up to the sky 290 times to accompany or block Russian military aircraft throughout Europe,” the official said, adding that the activity of Russian military aircraft in the Black Sea has increased since 2014.

In particular, last week, five NATO aircraft from three members of the Black Sea Alliance – Bulgaria, Romania, and Turkey – went to intercept two Russian strategic Tu-22 bombers and two Su-27 fighter planes, which approached the joint airspace of three countries in the western parts of the Black Sea.

Recall that earlier NATO announced to the Russian Federation the conditions for the United States to return to the Open Skies Treaty. Russia is urged to lift restrictions on inspection flights in the Kaliningrad region and near the border with Georgia.

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