In Barcelona detained a suspect in the preparation of the attack

In Barcelona detained a suspect in the preparation of the attack

The detainee on social networks openly declared hatred of the West and commitment to jihadism.
A Moroccan citizen was detained by the Spanish police in Barcelona after a joint investigation with the security forces of Morocco and the United States. The Reuters news agency reported this on Friday, May 8. “The suspect intended to commit a terrorist act, the details of which are unknown,” the police said. The detainee is considered a deeply radicalized Islamist associated with the terrorist organization ISIS.
According to police, the detainee’s relationship with ISIS lasted at least four years, although until recently he had not shown any radical aspirations.
Interest in the jihadist movement grew after the Spanish government imposed a quarantine in the country on March 14, restricting citizens’ freedoms.
In particular, the suspect publicly swore allegiance to ISIS and declared his hatred of the West on social networks. He secretly traveled around the city several times – according to the police, looking for potential targets for attack.
As previously reported, in the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, supporters of radical religious movements are suspected of planning a terrorist attack. It is known that at least one alleged perpetrator was trying to gain access to firearms and ammunition.