In Berlin it was suggested to name the street after a medieval witch.

By | October 1, 2020
In Berlin it was suggested to name the street after a medieval witch.

The Berlin public came up with an initiative to rename Martin-Luther-Strasse because the preacher was “intolerant of Jews and Muslims.

Another overkill in defending anti-racist views caused by racial riots in the United States was recorded in the German capital. The public activists there demanded the renaming of the street, named after church reformer Martin Luther.

“In his time he played a very negative role in exploiting people, minorities, and women, sowing oil in the fire of strife and spreading bitter hatred. He rebelled against Jews, despised women, and called Muslims “servants of the devil”. In addition, he demanded to drown disabled children,” writes a certain Prista Frubottin Street Team.
According to public opinion, Martin Luther’s name was “a symbol of the rule of state power up to the Prussian Empire. The initiators suggest renaming the street to Prista Frubottin Strasse respectively, in honor of a medieval lady who was executed together with her son in 1540 on charges of witchcraft. The burning of a witch in Wittenberg in 1540 was captured by the artist Lucas Cranach the Elder. In 2013, the Lutherstadt-Wittenberg Council announced the social and ethical rehabilitation of victims of witch-hunting.