In Brazil, the Indians shot a scientist who was going to study them with a bow.

By | September 13, 2020
In Brazil, the Indians shot a scientist who was going to study them with a bow.

The Brazilian expert on isolated Amazonian tribes, 56-year-old Riely Franciscato, was shot with onion when he and his group approached the indigenous community.

According to CNN, the incident occurred on September 9 in a remote area of Rondônia state in northwestern Brazil, near the Uro Eu Wau Wau reservation. The researcher died at the hands of the Aboriginals he was about to study.

Franciscato worked for Brazil’s National Foundation of Indians, which has been studying and protecting isolated Amazon tribes for over 50 years.

The group of aborigines, who shot the scientist, has not been in contact with anyone so far. The Indians, noticing the approach of outsiders, began shooting with archery. The policemen managed to hide from the arrows behind the car, but Riely Franciscano was less fortunate. The arrow hit him in the heart area.

According to the policeman who accompanied the expedition, Riely screamed, pulled out the arrow, ran 50 meters, and fell dead.

Police officer Paulo Ricardo Bressa told reporters that the victim was taken to a police car and taken to hospital, but he died while on the road.

“Unfortunately, we lost our friend,” the officer said.
According to a human rights organization, natives can’t tell a friend from an enemy when it comes to people from the “outside world. For centuries, they have faced aggression from invaders, loggers and gold miners who seek to reclaim Amazon lands and displace indigenous peoples. So they are by default distrustful of the white man.
In a video interview with the researcher, published by Survival International on Twitter after his death, Franciscato clearly expresses his hopes:

“Brazil, which I want to see in the future, is a country where all this (indigenous land) is still protected.
As reported by EADaily, in early September, Brazil crossed the psychological mark of 4 million registered cases of coronavirus. In this regard, the country decided to start testing the Russian vaccine “Sputnik V”.

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