In Britain, the second wave of coronavirus began

By | September 19, 2020
In Britain, the second wave of coronavirus began

Despite the increase in the incidence of severe quarantine will not be introduced yet, the authorities “keep the situation under control,” assured the prime minister.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced the beginning of the second wave of Coronavirus Pandemic in the country, The Independent reports… I am afraid that this is absolutely inevitable – we will face it in our country,” the prime minister said.

He added that the new wave of COVID-19 infections has started “in France, Spain, all over Europe.

However, Johnson assured that the authorities “are keeping the situation under control”.

“I absolutely do not want to introduce more extensive isolation measures, we want to keep the schools open, and it is fantastic that the work of educational institutions has returned to the same level. We want to keep the economy as open as possible, we want the business to develop,” the prime minister said.

Johnson also stressed that the introduction of national quarantine is “the last measure anyone wants”.

Recall that on the eve of the Israeli authorities were the first in the world to reimplement the cruel quarantine. National quarantine measures due to the coronavirus epidemic were introduced for three weeks but retained the possibility of extension.