In Brussels, 37 police officers injured during pogroms

In Brussels, 37 police officers injured during pogroms

Nearly 40 policemen were injured in Brussels during the riots, which resulted in a protest against racism and police arbitrariness, organized under the slogan “Black lives matter” on Sunday night, RTBF reported on Monday. Almost all the detained rioters were released.

“A total of 37 police officers were injured in clashes and pogroms in the Mataignes district. Several expensive boutiques in the Tauzon d’Or area were destroyed. Police detained 239 people, but only one of them will be charged with theft, the rest will be released after drawing up the protocol about an administrative violation, “the channel said.

Over 10 thousand people took part in the demonstration against racism at the Palais de Justice in the center of Brussels. The rally was authorized by the city authorities, despite the fact that in Belgium mass gatherings are still banned under quarantine standards.

After the end of the peaceful rally, the most aggressive participants moved to the streets of the Matonj quarter, populated mainly by immigrants from Africa. There, several hundred more people joined them, then the crowd rushed to smash up the expensive shops on the Boulevard Ring of Brussels. To take the situation under control of the police, water jets had to be used; riots threw stones and bottles at the police

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