In China, demand military accession of Taiwan

In China, demand military accession of Taiwan

The Times reports that Chinese social networks are gaining momentum calls for a military annexation of Taiwan. The Republic of China declared itself during a pandemic — enough power to quickly and effectively able to respond to the outbreak of coronavirus. Regular discussions about the forms of recognition of Taiwan has risen due to the fact that the regional government claims that the who, because of the position of China, ignores the successes of the Republic in the fight against the disease. Chinese nationalists are calling for a military takeover of Taiwan — according to them, the pandemic coronavirus creates suitable conditions, The Times reports.

Social networks are gaining momentum calls to achieve the Chinese national goal of unification by military means. The corresponding idea is the result of decades of state propaganda — China considers Taiwan a breakaway province and wants to return. The authorities of the Republic of China Beijing considers illegitimate.

“Perhaps the goal will be achieved ahead of time,” said Jean Canrong, Professor of international relations at Renmin University, one of the Chinese media.

As the newspaper notes, the debate about the violent seizure of Taiwan has collected 750 million hits on Chinese social networks. One of the accounts that promote such a call, has over half a million followers.

“Our preparatory work is more informative and more detailed than before. The Taiwanese separatists, committed to the US require military unions,” wrote known Chinese activist and journalist Sima Nan in social network Weibo.

The Chinese authorities were forced to react to the trend.

State media reported that, although the reunification of Beijing and Taiwan will happen this is now still a bad time.

Thus, the publication The Global Times published an article by the chief editor, stating that to conquer Taiwan would be easy, but China is not yet ready to confront the United States. The article reports that a military annexation of Taiwan is only possible if Beijing will provide the overwhelming military dominance in the pacific ocean, in the region of the island, and when China becomes the first economy in the world.

Washington was the main ally of the Republic of China. In 1979 the U.S. Congress passed a law about relations with Taiwan, which contains a promise to supply Taiwan with defensive weapons, and determines that any attack by China would be considered as a cause for “serious concern”.

The value of the United States to the Republic of China and its role in the confrontation between Taipei and Beijing was demonstrated in 1996. Then China held its first missile tests close to Taiwan. In response, U.S. President Bill Clinton ordered the largest exercise of U.S. military forces in Asia since the Vietnam war, sending ships to the Taiwan Strait, thereby giving a clear signal to Beijing.

Chinese President XI Jinping has repeatedly said that the unification of the country — one of its main goals. These calls go hand-in-hand with reports of China’s military power.

In January last year, XI Jinping stated that China “cannot promise to renounce the use of force and reserves the right to use all possible measures” to return to Taiwan. He stressed that China will not “attacking the Chinese people and will make great efforts to achieve the goal of peaceful reunification”.

Now the Chinese nationalists argue that during a pandemic, it is necessary to use military capabilities to enterprises of the parties. These calls also came amid reports that Beijing is increasing its military presence in the Indian Ocean region, including near Taiwan.

To explain the tendency of such appeals, in particular, the result of Chinese propaganda, the head of the Center for Asia-Pacific Studies, IMEMO ran Alexander LOMANOV: “the Official Chinese propaganda is very much emphasized two points. On the one hand, China’s success in combating the epidemic. And it’s true that China actually reduced the number of infected up to several people a day, open economy. On the other hand, Chinese propaganda illustrates the difficulty the United States: how everything is bad, sick, military, civilian hurt, a huge number of deaths. And if Chinese policymakers, military strategists are well aware that there is, at the level of this mass, not very strong nationalist consciousness there are really people who think that now America is literally knocked down and unable to take any military measures in the case of armed actions of China against Taiwan.”

Indeed, favorable conditions for the invasion of the island to the nationalist part of Chinese companies could create a message about the vulnerability of the American fleet in the region.

Previously, the coronavirus had been identified, at least at 710 of 4.8 thousand members of a team of us nuclear-powered aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, which is almost a month ago, ceased operations in the Pacific due to the outbreak of COVID-19 on Board.

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It is also worth noting that painful for both sides, the topic has again risen in the light of the pandemic coronavirus. The issue became topical in connection with the conduct of the who, which have repeatedly received praise on how China copes with an outbreak of the disease.

At the same time from the who, there have been few reviews concerning Taiwan, the results of which, at least, no less effective: on the island with a population of 23.6 million people according to recent data reported a total of 440 cases, of which only seven fatal.

Considering that China claims on the island and opposes any form of recognition, the position of who really looks like pandering to Beijing, just say what the Taiwan authorities.

“We believe that by who absolutely irresponsible to exclude Taiwan’s participation in the work of this international organization. Although we have made progress, there are still significant obstacles. One of the areas which are very important to us is the exchange of information,” — said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan, Joseph Wu, speaking at an online conference at the Hudson Institute.

An example of the bias of the organization was, for example, an interview with the assistant Director-General of who Bruce Aylward journalists from Hong Kong. On the question of whether Taiwan should become a member of the organization, Alward says he does not hear my question, and then the connection is dropped. During re-call and question he answers: “We have already talked about China.”

In Taiwan, meanwhile, accused the organization that it practically excluded the country from its deliberations, in connection with what authorities couldn’t get up to date information on the progress of the pandemic.

The United States has ceased funding the who due to the fact that the organization, according to the White House, pays a disproportionate amount of attention to China, and this situation supports Taiwan.

“To exclude from the global fight against the pandemic developed democracy such as Taiwan, it is ridiculous. We cannot allow Beijing to politicize global health. However, that is what happened, and Taiwan has not been admitted to participation in the world health assembly, the decision-making body of the world health organization. If you consider that as SARS, and COVID-19 appeared in China, Taiwan must participate in international early warning system and response”, — said during the same conference, the head of the Department at the Hudson Institute in the Asia-Pacific security Patrick Cronin.

Irritation of the Chinese nationalists could cause and the efforts of the US to include Taiwan among observers for the forthcoming session of the world health Assembly that would also be a form of recognition of the Republic of China.

An appeal on may 6 was made by the U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo. Later, representatives of the foreign affairs committees of both houses of the US Congress sent letters to more than 50 countries asking them to support Washington’s offer to invite Taiwan as an observer.

Pompeo, by the way, intends on May 20 to attend the inauguration ceremony of Taiwanese President Cai Inven, who is entering into his second term.

At the same time, according to Romanov, it is not advisable to look for any meaning in calls for the accession of the Republic of China. Such an idea has taken root quite well in the public consciousness of the PRC, and the appearance of such messages in the Western press is simply part of a large anti-Chinese company.

“Such messages are repeated every time any political events happen in Taiwan. It is clear that the president of the Democratic Progressive Party now rules in Taiwan, their slogan is the transformation of Taiwan into a sovereign, independent state, therefore, as soon as any political upheavals occur in Taiwan that will lead to the strengthening of the power fighting for independence, it’s the same in all social networks in China there is a call to resolve this situation by force of arms, without waiting for it to get worse – that again, the idea is not new, it periodically pops up, ”the expert notes.