In China, warned of a possible new outbreak of coronavirus

In China, warned of a possible new outbreak of coronavirus

China may face a new outbreak of coronavirus. This was warned by a member of the Beijing Group of Experts on Viruses, Professor Li Lanjuan, reports the Daily Mail.

According to her, experts are worried about new cases of infection that are being detected in Chinese returning from abroad. Lanjuan believes that this could trigger another large-scale epidemic in the country
“This requires us to continue intensifying our efforts and tireless work to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic in other cities,” she said.

The professor’s statement was made after representatives of the Chinese Ministry of Health reported the country’s first case of “imported” infection. On March 17, a 54-year-old man contracted the disease from a girl who returned to China from Istanbul. After entering the country, she had no symptoms, most of the time she stayed at home.

Earlier March 23, it was reported that Chinese virologist Zhang Wenhong called for forgetting the imminent end of the pandemic in Europe. According to him, it will be “completely normal” if the virus appears and disappears, and this will last one or two years. “I can say: forget that the pandemic will end in Europe in the near future,” Wenhong urged.

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