In Cyprus, tourists will be treated free of coronavirus

By | May 27, 2020
In Cyprus, tourists will be treated free of coronavirus

The authorities will cover all expenses for food, drinks, and medicine for tourists with coronavirus patients, they will only have to pay for returning home.
Cyprus has undertaken to pay for the treatment of tourists who have become coronavirus on vacation in the country. This was reported by the Associated Press on Wednesday, May 27.

Authorities will cover the cost of food, drinks, and medicine for coronavirus patients and their families. However, government services do not apply to transport services and homecoming.

Foreigners will be treated in a special hospital, which will be able to receive hundreds of patients at once and will be equipped with 200 artificial respiration devices. Family members of sick tourists and other contact persons will be able to live in a “quarantine hotel” with 500 rooms.

Recall that tourists will be paid for a stay in Japan. The Japanese government hopes to revive the coronavirus-affected tourism industry, a key driver of the economy. Tourists will be paid money for staying in the country.

It was also reported that Ukraine and Georgia want to restore tourism. The parties evaluated the preparations for the opening of the tourist season in Georgia, the issue will be considered at an intergovernmental commission.

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