In France, a car crashed into a crowd of people

By | August 1, 2020
In France, a car crashed into a crowd of people

At least 13 people were injured. Local media report that one of the bar’s patrons got into a car and reversed, hitting other visitors.
In eastern France on Saturday night, a car drove into a crowd of people, injuring 13 people. This is reported in the prefecture of the department of Sona and Loire.

It is noted that the incident took place at around midnight in the small commune of Wenzel. The car ran over people standing at one of the bars. As it turned out, the driver was drunk, he was detained. Firefighters, rescuers, and gendarmes worked at the scene.

“Doctors examined 16 people, 12 of them were slightly injured, three were in a state of shock, one girl was seriously wounded in the legs, but her life is not in danger. All of these people were taken to the hospital center,” the prefecture said in a statement. One of the visitors left the building, then got into the car and reversed, crashing into people. He then tried to escape. Another publication, Creusot Infos, adds that at the time the car drove into the crowd, there were 200-300 people at the bar.A week earlier a car drove off the road and hit a group of people in Berlin, as a result of the incident injured, according to the police, six people, three of them were seriously injured.

Before that, a car drove into a group of demonstrators in Greece. Six people were hospitalized, two of them in serious condition.

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