In France, a man with a knife attacked a gendarme

The policeman used a tear-gas bomb during the defense and then used a firearm.

A 19-year-old soldier armed with a knife attacked a policeman in the gendarmerie of the commune of Diez (Moselle Department), French media reported.

Defending against the attacker, the gendarme used a tear shell and then used a firearm.

The assailant was hospitalized with a wound to the abdomen. The police officer was also injured and taken to hospital.

The prosecutor’s office said that the attack in the building of the local gendarmerie could be classified as a terrorist act.

The investigation is looking into the relationship between a phone call about an impending attack from a man who introduced himself as a member of the Islamic State. There is no definitive confirmation yet.

Earlier it was reported that in Lviv a drunken woman attacked a policewoman, and in the Carpathian Mountains during a fight, they beat patrolmen.

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