In France, doctors rescued a man with a crossbow arrow in his head

The guy after parting with his beloved decided to leave life in an original way – shot himself in the head with a crossbow.
Doctors at the University Clinical Center of French Reims saved from death a 28-year-old man whose head stuck an arrow from a crossbow, reports France 3.

The guy left the girl and he decided to take his own life. To do this, he chose a crossbow.

The arrow entered the head of a man near the chin, where the tongue begins. She went through the news of the skull and came out in the middle of her forehead.

Before the arrival of medics, the unfortunate lover was conscious. He was immediately hospitalized.

Surgeons managed to cut the arrow and remove it from the patient’s head. After the operation, the man was placed in intensive care for two days, then transferred to the ENT department, and then – in the department of psychiatry
Recall that in Borispol the official was wounded by an arrow from a crossbow.

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