In France, Snowden’s asylum seeker was answered


French Justice Minister Nicole Bellube has called for asylum for former US National Security Agency (NSA) employee Edward Snowden. The head of the department said this during an interview conducted by the radio station RTL together with LCI TV channel and the newspaper Figaro, RIA Novosti quotes her as saying.

“I believe that we should remain true to our strong principles on immigration, we should necessarily accept asylum seekers,” she said. a man who is persecuted for his actions.

Snowden has previously admitted that he would like to be protected in France. He said he had already applied for asylum in the country in 2013 and would be happy if French President Emmanuel Macron approved his application. The lawyer of the former NSA employee said that Snowden has the right to decide where to live – to stay in Russia, where he received political asylum, return to the U.S. or move to Europe.

In 2013, Snowden handed over to reporters from The Guardian and The Washington Post documents that referred to the U.S. intelligence community’s surveillance program for both U.S. citizens and residents of other countries. Snowden fled the United States and simultaneously sought political asylum from several dozen countries, including Russia. In 2014, he was granted permission to stay in Russia for three years, and then he was extended for the same period.

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Snowden is charged with illegal transfer of information of great importance to national security, intentional transfer of intelligence and theft of state property. In total, he faces up to 30 years in prison.