In France, soon after quarantine was lifted, schools began to close

By | May 18, 2020
In France, soon after quarantine was lifted, schools began to close

A coronavirus was detected in the student, in connection with which eight educational institutions were closed. Now law enforcement officers find out a circle of contact persons.
In the city of Roubaix in northern France, after quarantining, eight schools were again closed. It is reported by the Daily Mail on Monday, May 18.

It is noted that one of the students had a positive test for coronavirus. As a result, seven public schools and one private educational institution were closed.

Now law enforcement officers establish with whom the child could contact in order to check for the presence of a dangerous virus and isolate it from healthy people.

While the primary classes of educational institutions were opened, 70 cases of coronavirus infection were recorded among teachers and students.

Local officials say schools were closed earlier due to quarantine in the country as a precaution. They predict that institutions affected by coronavirus will open by May 25.

Recall that earlier schools were opened in France after two months of quarantine – 1.5 million students returned to study, but with limitations – schools were obliged to adhere to the rules of social distance and hygiene.

It was also reported that in France a school was organized in the forest. French authorities eased quarantine restrictions and allowed schools to be opened in compliance with measures, but decided to extend quarantine in the village of Monmeirand

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