In France, they said that they may have found a zero patient

In France, they said that they may have found a zero patient

The man was ill for more than two weeks, and he infected two of his children with a coronavirus infection.
The first patient infected with COVID-19 could have appeared in France last year, namely on December 27, said Yves Cohen, chief resuscitator at the Bobigny hospital. This was announced on Sunday, May 3, by the BFM TV channel.

According to him, doctors re-examined the tests of patients with pneumonia who were admitted to the hospital in December and January, and the analysis of one of the 24 patients tested positive for coronavirus.

“During hospitalization, we tested for flu, as well as other types of coronaviruses, they were negative. We didn’t test it on COVID-19 back then,” he explained.

Cohen said that the man infected two of his children.

“Trying to find an answer to where he might have picked up the infection, we found that his wife works in a fish store next to sushi sellers of Chinese origin. Perhaps the wife was ill without symptoms, ” the medic suggested.

The question of whether the man admitted to the Bobigny hospital in December was patient zero or not remains open. The doctor allowed that if you check the tests of patients who were admitted with pneumonia at the end of last year, the coronavirus can be detected in some of them.

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“We need to double-check the tests of patients with pneumonia across the country to find out,” Cohen concluded.

Officially, it is believed that the first infected with the coronavirus appeared in France at the end of January.

According to the French authorities, since the beginning of the epidemic, almost 25 thousand people have died due to the coronavirus in France. The number of confirmed cases of infection in the country is about 131 thousand.

Earlier, French citizens said they were disappointed with the actions of the authorities in the fight against the pandemic.