In Germany, evacuees from China found coronavirus

In Germany, evacuees from China found coronavirus

The plane stopped in Helsinki to refuel and change crew, as Russia suddenly did not let the plane in.
Two people evacuated to Germany from the Chinese city of Wuhan have been diagnosed with coronavirus infection. This is reported on Sunday, February 2, by the authorities of the city of Hermersheim, where the evacuees were taken on arrival in Germany.

According to the media company SWR, the infected were taken to a hospital in Frankfurt am Main. It is not yet known whether they have already developed symptoms.

Coronavirus 2019 n-CoV was identified in a 33-year-old Munich resident. Like six others infected with the infection, he worked for the Bavarian company Webasto.

On the evening of February 1, a German military plane with 124 passengers evacuated from Wuhan flew to Frankfurt am Main. Immediately upon arrival, all underwent a medical check-up, after which 11 people remained in one of the clinics in Frankfurt-on-Main.

In one case, suspicions of coronavirus arose, while the other 10 were hospitalized for other reasons.

As a result, 113 people were brought to Hermersheim and housed in the Bundeswehr barracks. Two of them have now been diagnosed with coronavirus. The remaining 111 remain under quarantine. They are divided into groups and placed on three floors. Initially, it was planned that the quarantine will last two weeks and after each detected case of infection will be extended for another half a month.

Ten cases of coronavirus infection in Germany

Among the evacuees from Wuhan – 100 citizens of Germany, 22 – China, one U.S. citizen and one – Romania. Among them are 21 children. All of them were returned voluntarily at the initiative of the German Foreign Ministry.

The plane stopped in Helsinki to refuel and change crew, and the planned landing in Moscow was abruptly canceled. The cost of living in the barracks is paid by the federal authorities, the evacuees paid only for the flight.

Eight cases of coronavirus infection have already been identified in Germany. The eighth was a 33-year-old resident of Munich. Like six other patients with a similar diagnosis, he works for auto parts company Webasto, which is headquartered in Bavaria, in Starnberg County.

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