In Germany, the money will be handed out just like that

By | August 19, 2020
In Germany, the money will be handed out just like that

For three years, the elected presidents of the country will be paid grants as part of the study.
In Germany, the experiment starts with a donation of 1,200 euros to the candidates elected as a result of the contest. The aim of the study is to test how recipients of remuneration will behave and how it will change their daily habits. This was announced on Wednesday, August 19, DPA news agency reports, citing the German Institute for Economic Research (DIW).

It is reported that the idea was born from the experience of being in quarantine when citizens began to demand from the government to pay the monthly benefits, as many of them lost their jobs.

It is estimated that 120 lucky people will be selected from one million candidates who are required: age 18 and older and living in Germany. The selection of candidates has already begun, and the experiment will continue for three years. Funding for the project is to be made through donations.

“Scientists intend to conduct periodic surveys to determine how extra money affects the daily lives of participants. These include work, finance, family, social contacts, and possible mental changes. It is planned to take even hair samples to assess the stress level of the participants,” the explanation reads.

It is specified that each of the 120 participants will receive a total of 43,200 euros “clean”.

Earlier, the UN called for the introduction of temporary basic income for the poorest people in countries that are developing. According to the authors of the idea, such a measure will allow almost three billion people to buy food and pay for health and education costs. Funding for the measure is estimated at $199 billion per month.