In Germany, the risks of stopping the construction of Nord Stream-2 were assessed

By | September 19, 2020
In Germany, the risks of stopping the construction of Nord Stream-2 were assessed

Waldemar Gerdt, Bundestag deputy and member of the Committee for International Affairs, assessed in his conversation with us the risks in case of refusal to build the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline.

According to him, halting the construction may result in fines of over ten billion Euros. The Deputy reminded that the gas pipeline is not a project of Russia or Germany as over 100 companies are involved in it. “All of them have received permission, undergone the relevant procedures and invested money,” he noted.

Besides, according to him, the refusal from Nord Stream-2 puts into question the energy security of Germany. “We are closing coal plants, we are abandoning nuclear power, we are switching to electric transport and where we will take energy resources”, the deputy asked a question.
Germany offered the USA a deal for waiver of sanctions against
According to him, the whole story around the gas pipeline shutdown is a struggle for energy markets as the USA, considering its plans to supply liquefied gas to Europe, is unprofitable to build a gas pipeline from Russia.

Previously, the heads of East German lands supported the continued construction of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream-2. The heads of governments of the former GDR regions belonging to the central and left-wing parties spoke in favor of continuing the project construction, according to the East German Conference minutes.

The Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany was to be completed in late 2019, but due to the US sanctions the deadline was postponed for at least a year. In summer 2020, the U.S. wanted to increase pressure on the project and extend sanctions to companies that insure pipe-layers.