In Germany, they answered the accusation of “betrayal of Europe” for the “Nord Stream – 2”

By | June 9, 2020
In Germany, they answered the accusation of

Criticism of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline project comes mainly from those who lobby not for Europe, but for the United States, said Anton Friesen, member of the Bundestag, member of the Foreign Relations Committee.
Nord Stream 2 is a step towards European energy security. Russia is a bona fide and benign supplier of cheap gas, which cannot be said of the United States, whose LNG is expensive and harmful to the environment. Many who oppose Nord Stream 2 are actually lobbying for the interests of the United States and not Europe, TOP NEWS reports.

Earlier, a member of the British Parliament, Daniel Kavchinsky, said that Germany, which cooperates with Russia on the Nord Stream 2 project, has betrayed Europe.

On June 4, the US Senate introduced a bill on new sanctions against Nord Stream 2. After this, German Chancellor Angela Merkel refused to participate in the G7 leader’s summit.

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