In Germany, told about the “shattered” friendship with the United States

By | May 8, 2019

The unexpected cancellation of the visit of us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo to Germany was evidence that the friendship between the countries “shattered”. This conclusion in an article in the German newspaper Suddeutsche Zeitung came to journalist Daniel Bressler.

On the eve of Pompeo unexpectedly canceled a visit to Berlin a few hours before the meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel and foreign Minister Heiko Maas. Instead, he went to Baghdad.

German politicians were offended by the decision of us Secretary of state. Pompeo was also to meet with foreign Minister Heiko Maas. It was planned that the main topics of the talks would be the situation in Ukraine and Venezuela, as well as relations between the West and Russia.

Bressler noted that under the current us President Donald Trump, Washington’s foreign policy began to be based not on “smart” diplomacy, but on “rough power politics”.

“More than two years after the inauguration of Donald Trump, much of what was recently touted as German-American friendship is shattered,” the journalist said.

He stressed that now in most cases Washington should be perceived not as an ally, but as an enemy against whom it is necessary to form alliances. However, there is still hope that everything will change with the change of power in the US.

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