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In Italy, almost 700 new COVID-19 victims per day

For the fifth consecutive day in Italy falls the rate of newly reported infections per day, increased by 3491 people. Also, more than a thousand recovered.
In Italy for the last day died 683 people infected with coronavirus COVID-19. Such information was published by the head of the service of civil defense of the country, Angelo Borrelli, according to ANSA on Wednesday, March 25.

Now the total number of victims of the pandemic in the country is 7503. On the eve reported 743 deaths in Italy.

The number of infected in Italy since the start of the pandemic has reached 74386 people. In recent days, their number has increased to 3491. A day earlier, the number of diagnosed patients has increased to 3612, the day before yesterday, in 4789, in the previous two days – 5560 and 6557, respectively.

The number recovered has increased by 1036 people. All of them now in 9362. On the eve recovered 894 people.

Recall that in who, this week Italy can reach the peak of coronavirus.

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Earlier, Angelo Borrelli suggested that the real figure of those infected with the coronavirus in Italy can exceed the official data ten times.

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