In Italy, proposed to establish a day of solidarity with Russia

By | May 30, 2020
In Italy, proposed to establish a day of solidarity with Russia

The Italian charity association “Help us save children” (Aiutateci a Salvare I Bambini) has proposed the establishment of a day of solidarity with Russia in memory of the assistance that Russia provided to Italy in the fight against the spread of the coronavirus epidemic COVID-19.
As the media of its president Ennio Bordato told, he sent letters to the mayors of about 90 cities in the Lombardy region, as well as to the leaders of the factions in both houses of the national parliament.
“I decided that after the Russian doctors left home, this great page of solidarity of both countries should not be forgotten,” Bordato said, recalling other episodes when Russia provided assistance to Italy.

“Starting with the help of Russian sailors in the Messina destroyed by the earthquake and rescuing the Umberto Nobile airship, to the Aquila earthquake and the floods in Venice – this should not be left behind,” said the head of the charity.
In an appeal to the mayors of the provinces of Brescia and Bergamo, Bordato asks them to support the initiative through parliamentarians elected on their territory.
“In the most tragic and gloomy moments of the epidemic, Russia became the country that has helped Italy and especially many cities around Bergamo and Brescia most of all,” the letter says.
The text of the message to the heads of the parliamentary groups draws their attention to the history of relations between Russia and Italy. It is noted that “in recent decades, the fate of Italy and Russia is intertwined more and more.”
Russian assistance in combating the Covid-19 outbreak was “unanimously recognized by local authorities as representatives of the Armed Forces, civil society and thousands of residents of Lombardy and Italy,” the document notes.

“As the president of a humanitarian organization that has been operating in Russia since 2001 to assist children, I ask you to contribute to the establishment of the Italian-Russian Solidarity Day, which would not only remember this last page of fraternal solidarity with our country but would also testify to the history of two friendly peoples, “writes Bordato.
From March 22 to 25, 15 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived in Italy with military virologists and experts from the Ministry of Defense in the field of epidemiology. They brought eight medical teams to the Apennines to fight against coronavirus, as well as equipment for diagnostics and disinfection measures, 104 Russian military specialists, 32 of whom were doctors, arrived in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. Later, two more Russian sides with the necessary materials landed in Bergamo and Verona.
Specialists from the Russian Federation disinfected nursing homes in about 100 settlements of Lombardy. It processed 119 buildings and structures, more than 1.2 million square meters of interior and more than 450 thousand square meters of paved roads. In addition, during the work of Russian doctors in the Bergamo field hospital, he took 112 people for treatment, 76 of them recovered and were discharged.

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