In Japan, created a material capable of self-healing

By | May 16, 2020
In Japan, created a material capable of self-healing

Japanese researchers have long been haunted by the ability of animals to restore lost parts of the body. We are talking about starfish and lizards with the ability to regenerate tissues. Scientists began to deeply study this issue and discovered a way to create artificial material capable of self-healing. It is a complex structure of their multi-walled carbon nanotubes and polyborosiloxane.

New material can now demonstrate its capabilities. For this, the researchers made a heart. If it is cut in half, and then combined, then its two parts are immediately connected into one whole. The effect is very interesting and can find a wide practical application. The only difference between animation and the real process is that it takes about 6 hours to recover.

Researchers are confident that their development has a bright future. So, for example, the new material can be successfully applied in the creation of toys and artificial leather. It is assumed that in its structure it will be possible to integrate sensors and various controls that allow you to influence and control the recovery process

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