In Japan, they try to stop the coronavirus with copper

In Japan, they try to stop the coronavirus with copper

A thin sheet of copper fiber to fight viral infections was developed by a University startup in Gunma and a textile manufacturer in Maebashi, April 11 writes The Mainichi.
Gunma University Development & Innovation (Gudi), based in Kiryu, Gunma Prefecture, and Meisei Industry Co., a tin wire manufacturer in the capital of Maebashi Prefecture, have teamed up to create a universal product.
The leaf has the effect of sterilization, making virus particles inactive and at the same time harmless to the human body. So it can be worn over face masks or used to cover common items.

The sheet, developed by innovators in Gunma Prefecture, Eastern Japan, has a light-sensitive photocatalyst on its copper surface. Whenever a leaf is exposed to light, it activates substances with high oxidative capacity that destroys viral particles and bacteria.

Recall, according to research conducted in the United States, the coronavirus can live and remain active on plastic or stainless surfaces for 48 to 72 hours. On the surface of copper — for four hours. The new material, according to the authors of the article in The Chinese Language, is 1000 times more effective than copper.

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