In Kyiv, a female employee of the U.S. Embassy got her head smashed – she died in hospital

By | September 30, 2020
In Kyiv, a female employee of the U.S. Embassy got her head smashed - she died in hospital

On September 30, an employee of the American embassy Sanver Nikaelo was found unconscious and with a head injury on a street in Kyiv. The woman died in the hospital.

Nikaelo was found around noon in the Shevchenko district of the capital. Later, it turned out that she was an employee of the American diplomatic mission in Kyiv.

Later, the press service of the capital’s National Police Department specified that the victim was found near the railway tracks on Tolbukhina Street.

“Today, September 30, special line “102” in the capital police received information about the discovery of a woman with a head injury in a forest park area near the railway tracks on Tolbukhina Street, Shevchenko district of the capital,” – the report says.
The woman, unconscious, was taken to the hospital where she subsequently died. While examining the victim’s belongings, police officers found a U.S. embassy employee’s ID in her name.

“Now at the medical facility and at the scene of the incident, investigators and representatives of other relevant services are conducting priority investigative actions, identify witnesses and eyewitnesses, as well as the circumstances under which the woman was injured,” law enforcement officials said.
Currently, several versions of what happened are being worked out. In one case, a tall man looking 30-40 may have been involved in beating up an American woman.

It is specified that the suspect is 190-200 cm tall and wears black shorts, dark blue sneakers, and a T-shirt. He has dark hair (short hair on the sides). Now the search for him continues.

According to another version, a woman was hit by a passing train. While on the railway tracks, she was wearing headphones and could not hear the train approaching.

The information collected on the fact of this incident was registered in the Shevchenko Moscow police department. An inspection is carried out, according to the results of which this event will be provided with appropriate legal qualification.