In Las Vegas, a man died in clashes with the police

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti imposed a curfew due to the unrest that led to the death of African-American George Floyd after being detained.

A police officer shot a man armed with several weapons; he could not be saved.
 In the US, in Las Vegas, people died in protests in clashes with the police. The incident occurred on June 1, writes TASS.
 According to a statement by law enforcement authorities, during a protest rally, the police entered into a confrontation with a man armed with several weapons, who was in body armor.
It is noted that he reached for a weapon, and a police officer shot him. After that, he was hospitalized, but could not be saved. An investigation is underway.
 The correspondent previously wrote that a policeman in Las Vegas was killed on June 1 during a protest rally.
 Recall, the cause of the protests in a number of US cities was the death in Minneapolis of an African American George Floyd, who died at the hands of law enforcement

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