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In London, a street appeared for charging electric vehicles

As reported by The Next Web, in London the first “all-electric street”, designed for electric vehicles. Drivers can charge their cars directly from the street lamps throughout the streets.
One of the characteristic problems in the implementation of electric vehicles in the UK is the inability to charge the batteries at home. Many car owners can Park “electric iron horse” on the street only, which excludes charging.

Company Pod Point, who supplies the charging station, reports that 40% of households do not own a garage and have to Park their cars on the street. The owners can’t go charging cables for cars – in most cases, this is prohibited for security reasons.
This adversely affects the popularity of the new technology. Siemens conducted a survey and found that two out of five drivers do not plan to switch to electric because of the difficulties with charging.
In London, measures have been taken against this problem. The company Siemens, Westminster City Council and the company Ubitricity dealing with infrastructure for electric cars, a joint effort began deploying a network of street charging stations.

On Sutherland Avenue, West London 24 a street lamp. Through this cooperation, they were all equipped with chargers for electric cars. In the coming weeks, similar devices will appear on the next two streets.
In the framework of the joint project managed to solve one of the main problems of infrastructure construction for electric vehicles. Installing charging stations is expensive and requires some destruction. Particularly pronounced these problems manifest themselves in the center of the cities where we are working to reduce emissions and stimulate the emergence of electric vehicles.
Siemens offered to do the charging station from the existing lighting poles. This allows you to quickly, cheaply and in large quantities to deploy charging stations in different areas. However, the electrical network imposes restrictions. According to Zap-Map, a new station have a power of only 5.5 kW. With this power to fully charge a Nissan Leaf takes about 10 hours.

Recent events in London as a whole fit into the current course. The UK is planning to 2035 to completely abandon cars with internal combustion engines in favor of a more “pure” electric cars. The gradual replacement of “dirty” technology makes new demands. In particular, for electric vehicles needed its own infrastructure.
In the next 15 years, the UK will deploy throughout the country an extensive network of electric charging stations and provide them with the required capacity. In addition, an equally large and extensive network of car services that can serve electric cars is needed. Other issues still need to be resolved, otherwise current plans will turn into new problems for citizens and businesses.
Several thousand charging stations of various formats have already been deployed in London and other major cities of Great Britain. It is expected that a joint project of Siemens, Ubitricity and city authorities will increase their number at times. Probably due to this, more car owners will be interested in electrical equipment.

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