In Madrid held a spontaneous protest against the Spanish government

By | May 14, 2020
In Madrid held a spontaneous protest against the Spanish government

The protesters demanded freedom and beat on pots
Spontaneous protest action against the government of Spain passed on Thursday evening in the capital of the country. As the correspondent from an event place, the rally was joined by dozens of people. The action took place in Salamanca, one of the most elite and expensive areas of Madrid. The protesters, some of whom took Spanish flags, chanted slogans against the Central government, demanded freedom and beat on pots and pans. However, many during the campaign forgot about the distance that you want to keep while going outside because of the pandemic.

Spain introduced the mode of increased readiness. This measure made it possible to restrict the movement of residents throughout the country. Now the Spaniards of all ages can go for a walk and play sports on the street, but at certain time intervals. A protest against the government began around 20:30 local time (21:30 GMT), this time allowed out to the adult population.

Not for the first week at 21:00, some residents of Madrid have a balcony or open the Windows and start banging saucepans in protest against the government. But in the last few days on one of the streets in the Salamanca district are dissatisfied with the country’s authorities, using the opportunity to go outside, going for a short protest.

According to the newspaper El Mundo, this initiative is not supported by any political party and arose by chance, when one of the neighbors turned on the national anthem on the balcony.

Spain is one of the most affected by the pandemic States. Since the beginning of the spread of infection in the country was identified as 229.5 thousand cases, 27 321 people died. Because the prevalence of coronavirus in Spain has been decreasing, the government begins to soften restrictive measures.

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