In Madrid, left-wing radicals fought with police


During a rally of the Spanish far-right VOX party near the Vallecas district in Madrid, clashes took place between police officers and leftists protesting against the ultra-right rally, there are detainees and wounded, TOPNEWS reports
VOX organized a protest to mark the start of the early elections in the Community of Madrid, scheduled for May 4, in the traditionally left-wing Puente de Vallecas neighborhood of the capital. Local residents considered the presence of the extreme right here a provocation and took to the streets.
In the last elections, 5% of voters voted for VOX in Vallecas, while the left parties had 77%. Dissenting citizens began to flock to Constitution Square, which is popularly called Red Square.
Later, the VOX leftists, including many representatives of anti-fascist organizations, began to throw stones and bottles at the police cordon set up along the perimeter of the extreme right rally. The guards of law and order were forced to answer with truncheons.
The radicals also erected dumpster barricades, blocking neighboring streets. It is known about the detained and wounded.
“This is a provocation. The last time the extreme right carried out its activities in this area 40 years ago, and there was one victim, Victor Cuervo. For VOX, this is an advertisement, but we must make it clear that we do not need them,” a local said to the agency before the start of the action. a resident named Anton.
It is clarified that the rally was attended by the leader of VOX Santiago Abascal and the candidate for the post of Prime Minister of Madrid from this party, Rocio Monasterio.