In Minsk, law enforcers beat protesters with water jets and catch journalists.

By | October 4, 2020
In Minsk,

On Sunday, law enforcers near the Palace of Sports in Minsk launched water cannons to disperse the protesters. This was reported by TASS, citing eyewitness accounts.

“Force enforcers use water cannons on Pobediteley Avenue near the Sports Palace,” the agency quotes the unnamed interlocutor.
As can be seen from the materials published in the network, there were several hundred demonstrators on Pobediteley Avenue, but after the use of water cannons, people began to disperse.

At the same time, law enforcement agencies began mass arrests. About 10 people have already been detained in Minsk; in particular, several young men were detained on Nemiga Street and taken to a minibus with tinted windows. Several journalists were also detained. According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists (BAJ), the correspondents of the Belarusian portal tut. by Tatiana Matveeva and Ales Piletsky were detained in Vitebsk. The correspondent of Narodnykh Novostei Vitebsk was also detained. Sergey Silver.

Meanwhile, the protesters, scheduled for Sunday by the Belarusian opposition, continue to flock to the center of Minsk.

According to the website, a large column is moving along Storozhovskaya Street. Some demonstrators went to the Masherov Avenue carriageway. There also appeared water cannons, which began to water people. Earlier TOP NEWS reported that in the center of Minsk are pulled military trucks and vans.