In Montreal, nine people were hit by a car.

By | September 16, 2020
In Montreal, nine people were hit by a car.

A man in the Canadian city of Montreal was hit by nine people in his car, including children, the police detained him, reports CTV, citing law enforcement agencies.
According to the city police, a 38-year-old man ran over his first pedestrian on Wednesday at about 12.45 local time (19.45 Moscow time) and then fled the scene. Later he hit six other adults and two children nearby.

According to police spokesman Manuel Couture, all of the victims were taken to the hospital, allegedly with injuries that did not endanger their lives.
The driver was detained. According to Coutura, the driver did not accelerate or drive very fast, but at some point went on the sidewalk. There is no evidence that the detainee acted under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
The investigation into the causes of the incident is ongoing.

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