In Moscow, reported the taking of hostages in a bank

By | May 23, 2020
In Moscow, reported the taking of hostages in a bank

Police received a report that an unknown plant in the room a few people and threatened to blow up a Bank.
Russian police check the information on the capture of hostages in the branch of Alfa-Bank, located in the center of Moscow. On Saturday, May 23, according to TASS citing a source in law enforcement bodies.

“On service “02” received a message that unknown keeps in a jar in the center of Moscow a few people. The police are currently left in place for checking this information,” – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the Complainant informed the police that unknown persons threatened to blow up the Bank, on a scene all emergency services of the city.

According to the source, the invader dressed in a black jacket and sweat pants, he in a black mask. “In his hands “yellow package”, he said – with the explosive device inside,” concluded the source. Law enforcement officials are negotiating with the attacker.

Currently, according to the source, there are representatives of all operational services. It has left in place the special rapid reaction unit of Regardie, the source added.

In the information center of Moscow, transport reported about blocked traffic in the area of emergency. “Blocked traffic on the Upper Syromyatnicheskaya from the rampart to the Top of the Suzdal lane”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

We will remind, in December of last year unknown persons opened fire near the Lubyanka in Central Moscow near the building of FSB. Later it became known about one killed the employee of FSB and neutralizing the attacker

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