In Munich, cars drove into the crowd

By | June 10, 2020
In Munich, cars drove into the crowd

After the collision, people got out of the car and began to beat passers-by. Police are looking for attackers.
In Munich, unidentified people drove a passenger car into a group of people, after which they got out and began to beat them. On Wednesday, June 10, the city police said on Twitter.

It is noted that after the attack on pedestrians, the attackers got back into the car and fled the scene.

“We are looking for a car. According to our assessment, there is no danger now,” the law enforcement authorities noted. The state of emergency is cordoned off by law enforcement officers.

The police noted that according to preliminary data, we are talking about a “targeted attack.” No dead or injured are reported.

Earlier in the American Minneapolis driver, drove into a crowd of protesting people. Later, the man was released without charges.

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