In Peru, the parliament voted to impeach the president.

By | September 12, 2020
In Peru, the parliament voted to impeach the president.

Martina Viscarra may be removed from office as president due to a “moral incapacity” to hold the office.
Peru’s unicameral parliament has passed a draft resolution removing Martin Viscarra from his post as president. This was reported by the Andina agency.

It is specified that 65 deputies voted for the proposal, 36 voted against it, and 24 abstained. Supporters of impeachment believe that Wiscarra can not continue to hold office because of “moral incapacity”. To approve the resignation it was necessary to collect at least 52 votes. But now it is up to parliamentarians to set a date for a decisive vote on the resignation of Wiscarra, who will be given the opportunity to speak in Parliament. It is known that he should appear at the plenary session of Parliament on September 14.

In order to finally remove the President of Peru from office, this initiative must be supported by at least 87 out of 130 parliamentarians. In the case of impeachment, the President of Congress will act as the head of state.

The authors of the resolution note that the President has obstructed the criminal and parliamentary investigation of the singer Richard Swing. The MPs demanded to start an inspection because they suspected that the Ministry of Culture had concluded a contract with an artist (real name Richard Cisneros), violating the regulations in force.
The resolution to start the impeachment process came after the audio recordings with the voice of the Peruvian president were made public. On them, he admits that he had met with Cisneros, but had previously denied this fact.

Viscarra became president in 2018, after the resignation of the former head of state Pedro Cucinsky, the impeachment process was launched against him. Prior to his new position, from 2016, Wiscarra held the post of First Vice President.

The presidential and parliamentary elections in Peru will be held on April 11, 2021.

Earlier, President Vladimir Zelensky urged people to use the law on impeachment, if the Ukrainians are not satisfied with the ruling power. Thus, he urged people not to resort to coups.

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