In Poland, the deputy of the Sejm showed the opposition the middle finger

In Polish politics and society, a scandal broke out because of an obscene gesture made by the pro-government parliamentarian.
In Poland, there was a scandal involving the deputy of the Sejm from the ruling law and justice party Joanna Likhotskaya, who during the meeting showed the opposition the middle finger. This was announced on Friday, February 14, Wprost reports.

It is noted that the incident took place the day before after the Sejm by a majority of voters passed a resolution on financing of state media, which opposition politicians and activists accuse of spreading propaganda. Thus, it was decided to allocate almost two billion zlotys for the dotting of state media, which is a record sum. At the same time, the opposition demanded that funds be allocated for health care.

After the vote, the opposition deputies started shouting “Shame!” and at that moment numerous cameras snatched the gesture of Likhotskaya – she was pointing the middle finger towards the opposition.

“Mrs. Joanna Lihotska – opposition and cancer patients after the statement that PiS will send 2 billion zlotych TVPiS, not oncology, as proposed by the Civil Coalition” – wrote the opposition MP Barbara Nowacka on Twitter, accompanying the message eloquently Photos.

Also, a number of opposition MPs demanded a reaction from the Speaker of the Sejm in response to The gesture of Likhotskaya, claiming that such behavior is unacceptable for the deputy and that she should apologize.

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The gesture provoked a violent reaction among Internet users.

Lihotska herself explained on Twitter that she didn’t really mean anything reprehensible, but simply rubbed her middle finger under her eye because she was nervous and the cameras snatched only one moment.

However, the MP had to explain his gesture not only to Twitter users but also to the head of the party Jaroslaw Kaczynski. TVN cameras recorded how Lihotska explains something lively to Kaczynski, rubbing her middle finger under her eye several times.

Earlier it was reported that PACE adopted a tough resolution on Poland. This decision was taken within the framework of a resolution on judicial reform in Poland.

Recall, a year ago, an EU court ordered Poland to stop judicial reform. The EU court made the relevant decision after the appeal of the European Commission.

Before that, the President of the European Council Donald Tusk announced the risk of Poland’s exit from the European Union due to judicial reform.

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