In Poland, the third stage of quarantine exit started

In Poland, the third stage of quarantine exit started

All public institutions have to comply with safety standards, including social distance.

In Poland, the third phase of easing restrictions on the background of the pandemic, local media reported.

So, Monday, May 18, in Poland, will open a deli and beauty places, some sports facilities, educational institutions with restrictions, and also increases the limit for transportation in public transport.

In hairdressing and beauty salons, the distance between the places of services provided shall be not less than 1.5 meters. In hairdressing per client should be one clean set of tools and barbers when performing services must wear a mask and gloves. Before starting work, they need to measure the temperature yourself, and the customers should not be located on the observation of people. To arrange a visit to the salon’s clients are recommended by phone or online to avoid crowds of people.

In restaurants and bars, the distance between tables should be at least 1.5 meters between the customers in the queue – not less than 2 meters. All that is indoors must be disinfected.

Poland restores a variety of sports facilities – gymnasiums, tennis courts, football stadiums. Sports facilities can be up to 14 people and two coaches, on the tennis court – no more than four people and coach. Stadiums of group sports (football, baseball, hockey, and grass, etc.) will be just 26 people, including 22 players. Sports objects in enclosed spaces, depending on size, will be able to train from 12 to 32 people along with coaches.

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Monday will have to undergo practical training for students in colleges and schools, individual lessons on the development of children in schools. May 25-school will be open for custody of children in grades 1-3 and consultations with alumni.

Since the 18th of May will be increased limits on the number of passengers in buses, trams or metro.

Also, the Correspondent wrote that in Poland resumed the operation of intercity trains.

We will note, yesterday in Warsaw, the police dispersed the protesters, who were demanding the lifting of quarantine restrictions for business.