In respect of the couple from Russia, who tried to flee to Ukraine, started checking

Two Russian citizens asked for political asylum in Ukraine when they were caught at the border. Verification of the information provided by them has been initiated.

In Ukraine, the border guards detained two Russian citizens who, after being detained, said they were asking for political asylum in Ukraine.

According to the state border service of Ukraine, the couple tried to read the border in the wrong place – outside the checkpoints.

The man told representatives of border service that 10 years was engaged in business in the sale of cars. According to him, with him constantly demanding a bribe the head of one police station of Moscow. In 2010, he was forced to abandon a profitable business because of the constant threats and the creation of artificial barriers from the authorities.

Then the man said that it has a blog in which it expresses its dissatisfaction with the government, the annexation of Crimea and the Russian policy. The Network he also advertised other opposition bloggers. And now allegedly to its threats with the requirement to remove such posts began to arrive.

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The pair continues to check.

Recall that often political asylum in Ukraine is asked by those against whom a criminal case in Russia. So, earlier two police officers asked asylum in Ukraine as concerning them in the territory of the Russian Federation allegedly was fabricated by Investigative Committee custom-made criminal case.