In Slovakia, two ministers resign over disagreements with the prime minister

In Slovakia, two ministers resign over disagreements with the prime minister

Slovak President Zuzana Chaputova accepted the resignation of Foreign Minister Ivan Korczok and the Ministry of Education Branislav Grögling, who left the government in protest against the policies of Prime Minister Igor Matovic, both politicians represented the Freedom and Solidarity Party (CS) in the Cabinet, the ceremony was broadcast on network TV channels.
Earlier, the leader of this party and the head of the Ministry of Economy, Richard Sulik, resigned.
“Today I have to state with regret that the Freedom and Solidarity party is no longer represented in the government,” Chaputova stressed, accepting the resignation of Korczok and Grögling.
In turn, Sulik told reporters that he hopes that Matovic will also leave the government in the coming days, leaving behind only the post of leader of the Ordinary People and Independent Individuals (OLLNL) party. “Only after this will negotiations on the reorganization of the cabinet become possible,” Sulik said.

Earlier, Sulik said that the first year of the Cabinet of Ministers under the leadership of Matovich can be described as chaos. According to him, the prime minister lacks abilities, and no agreements with him are valid. The long-standing disagreements between the coalition partners came to a head after Matovic’s March 1 shipment of the first batch of Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine to Slovakia without notifying either the government partners or the president.
In this regard, the leaders of the CC and For People coalition parties called on the prime minister to resign. Matovic responded by saying that he would do so on the condition that four leading politicians are fired from other parties in the ruling coalition.
In turn, President Chaputova said on Tuesday evening that the prime minister’s resignation is inevitable so that the coalition partners could conclude an agreement to reorganize the cabinet. Neither Matovic nor the party he leads, have so far officially reacted in any way to the president’s statement.

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