In Somalia, humanitarian plane crashes due to frightened donkeys

By | July 24, 2020
In Somalia, humanitarian plane crashes due to frightened donkeys

A Kenyan plane carrying relief supplies crashed in Somalia last week after frightened donkeys ran towards the runway, the Daily Nation reported, citing Somali aviation authorities.
Earlier, the Somali radio station Radio Garowe reported that on Tuesday, July 14, a charter cargo plane crashed in the Somali city of Beledweyne (Hiran region). According to Somali media reports, the crew members survived and were not injured. According to preliminary data from the Somali Civil Aviation Authority, which the newspaper cites, the landing plane frightened several donkeys grazing near the landing strip. Frightened animals rushed forward along the trajectory of the aircraft. After that, the plane was forced to change course and turn, and as a result, crashed into sand dunes.

The publication notes that the plane of the Kenyan airline Blue Bird Aviation has been hired by the UN to transport food and other humanitarian supplies to the city of Beledweyne in central Somalia. The cargo was carried by a small Fokker aircraft from Djibouti. As a result of the accident, no one was injured, there were three people on board – the pilot of the aircraft and the co-pilot, both Kenyans and one more passenger.
Kenya’s ambassador to Somalia, Lucas Tumbo, told the newspaper that a black box had been removed from the plane’s wreckage.
“The box and other recording devices will be taken to Nairobi to process data as part of ongoing investigations,” he said.

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