In Syria, a Turkish convoy was blown up

By | May 27, 2020
In Syria, a Turkish convoy was blown up

A homemade explosive device was blown up on the side of the M-4 road while following a convoy, injured were reported.
During the passage of the Turkish military convoy along the M-4 highway in Syrian Idlib on Wednesday, May 27, an explosion occurred, the Turkish television channel A Haber reported. It reports the wounded but does not specify who was injured. The condition of some victims is assessed as serious.

The source of the explosion was a makeshift explosive device mounted on the side of the road.

Responsibility for the explosion at the moment did not take any terrorist group.

Recall that an attack on a Turkish convoy in Idlib was reported in March. Then the unknowns ambushed in the village of Makhambel.

In early May, human rights activists announced that Turkey continues to transfer its military equipment and troops to Syria.

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