In Syria, announced the return of the U.S. military from Iraq

By | October 26, 2019
In Syria, announced the return of the U.S. military from Iraq

U.S. troops have returned to the Syrian province of Hasek from Iraq. According to TOP NEWS, citing Syrian state television, the convoy is moving under the cover of helicopters.

U.S. President Donald Trump reportedly wanted to leave 200 special forces fighters in eastern Syria. In the Kremlin, the presence of American soldiers was considered illegitimate.

Earlier, on October 22, the Iraqi military said that U.S. troops entering the country after the withdrawal of troops from Syria can be there only in transit. “The U.S. military has been granted permission to enter Kurdistan to travel outside Iraq. They are not allowed to remain in the country,” the statement said.

Defense Minister Mark Esper announced plans to move about a thousand soldiers from Syria to western Iraq. According to him, the airlift is carried out by planes and convoys on the ground. The redeployment process was expected to take several weeks.

U.S. authorities decided to withdraw troops from Syria after Turkey announced the start of the military operation “Source of Peace” against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK, banned in Turkey as a terrorist organization) and the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS, banned in Russia). The U.S. side did not support the Turkish campaign

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