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In Syria, found traces of the “end of the world”

In the course of archaeological excavations in the area of the Syrian settlement of al Huraira scientists stumbled upon sensational evidence of a global catastrophe that occurred 12,800 years ago.

It is assumed that it was caused by an explosion in the atmosphere of the Earth a huge comet – the piece of rock, covered with ice and methane that led to a powerful cold, the collapse of ancient civilizations and the disappearance of many animals such as mammoths.

In Abu Hureyra was found amazing layer brought from space “dark matter”. Rich in carbon and platinum, it contains millions of nanobalance and tiny metallic spheres formed under the influence of extreme temperatures.

At a temperature of 2200 degrees, the soil turned into pieces of glass scattered across Abu Huraira, flowed even the most refractory elements such as silicon.

The temperature that appeared on Earth, could melt a car in one minute. Even with modern technology, it is very difficult to achieve such temperatures, and even for such large areas. This is not observed when lightning strikes and even volcanic eruptions. Caked on earth’s surface appeared molten mass, which when cooled turned into thousands of glass shards. Close to this temperature occurs only at explosions of nuclear devices.

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This could happen only if the Earth’s collision with a cosmic body flying at high speed. Glassy soil was rich in minerals chromium, iron, Nickel, sulfides, titanium, and iridium is enriched with iron. All of this was also delivered to Earth by a comet.

Monstrous cosmic body a thousand explosions covered both hemispheres of the Earth. The ancient catastrophe reminds mankind that may be expected any day. However, even in such a catastrophe, the human race has managed to survive and adapt to new conditions.

Comets travel in orbits incredible extent, beyond the Solar system, and we can only guess that we still arrive from distant worlds. The materials of the comet were scattered on a territory stretching over 14 thousand kilometers on the Northern and southern hemispheres. One of the explosions collapsed part of the comet that occurred near Abu Hurayrah, which at that time was inhabited by nomads that settled to engage in agriculture. The same glassy samples melted soil were found during excavations in the South of Chile.

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