In Syria, there will be three parliamentary elections since the beginning of the war

By | July 18, 2020
In Syria, there will be three parliamentary elections since the beginning of the war

Elections to the People’s Council of Syria, the third with the beginning of the war, will take place on Sunday.
The selections, originally scheduled for April, were postponed to July 19 due to a pandemic of coronavirus infection. More than 1.6 thousand candidates will fight for 250 seats.

The Foreign Ministry noted the importance of parliamentary elections in Syria
According to the results of the elections in 2016, 200 seats in the People’s Council were occupied by deputies from the party, which is part of the coalition “National Progressive Front”, headed by the ruling party “Baas”. The remaining four seats went to independent candidates.
Earlier, the Minister of Justice of Syria Hisham al-Shaar told RIA Novosti about the decision of the leadership of the country, as well as on the previous parliamentary elections, to allow residents of the captured terrorists Idlib and a number of settlements in the province of Er-Rakka.

Within the framework of the Syrian legislation, parliamentary elections are held only on the territory of Syria with the division into districts, where everyone has the right to vote only in the place of permanent residence. The exception was made in all selections during the war in the country for civilians who fled the territory, captured by terrorists.
The coordinator of the group of the State Duma on relations with the Syrian parliament Dmitry Sablin noted the importance of holding elections in the People’s Council for the first time since the beginning of the conflict in all provinces, regardless of what part of the territory is in the north. Sablin also noted that the “Friendship Group with Russia” will continue its work and with the new composition of the Syrian parliament in the previously established directions.

An important innovation in the forthcoming elections is the democratization process of the selection of candidates for deputies from the ruling Party of the Arab Socialist Revival (“Ba’ath”). This year they were elected to the conferences of the regional branches, and not to the decision of the central leadership of the party.
Member of the Supreme Judicial Committee for the election of Nuri Faris, the final number of candidates in the parliamentary elections in Syria reached 1658, for the citizen prepared 7331 polling station for the whole country.
Selective sites open at 8.00 and will work until 20.00 (coincides with MSK). But according to the rules, the time of elections can be extended to five hours at high altitudes and needs. Temporary vote counting is not established.