In the Netherlands, three cats and a dog became infected with a coronavirus

By | May 16, 2020
In the Netherlands, three cats and a dog became infected with a coronavirus

Previously, COVID-19 was detected in the dog’s owner, and on the farm, where infected cats live, minks were previously affected by the coronavirus.
In the Netherlands, COVID-19 was found in three cats and a bulldog, who were probably infected by their owners. On Friday, May 15, said the Minister of Agriculture of the Netherlands Carola Schouten, reports Dutch News.

It is known that three cats lived on a specialized farm in the Dutch province of Brabant, where earlier the coronavirus was confirmed in minks. In total, 11 tetrapods were tested at the enterprise. It is noted that antibodies to COVID-19 were found in cats, and therefore, they already had a new disease.

The dog of the same breed, the French bulldog, probably picked up the disease from its owner, who also confirmed COVID-19. The dog was brought to the veterinary clinic on April 30 due to serious breathing problems. She also found antibodies to coronavirus.

It is noted that all four animals were infected by humans and there is currently no evidence that tetrapods can transmit the disease to humans.

“Until now, in all cases with infected animals, the owners were first diagnosed and then the animals,” Schouten said.

However, recently, scientists have found that cats are ill with COVID-19 asymptomatically, but with close contact, they can infect humans and also transmit it to each other.

Also, according to scientists, among domestic animals, coronavirus is most dangerous for cats.

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