In the U.S., the daughter of a Canadian billionaire was convicted of having had sex with a cult.

By | September 30, 2020
In the U.S., the daughter of a Canadian billionaire was convicted of having had sex with a cult.

Claire, the daughter of the former head of Canadian corporation Seagram billionaire Edgar Bronfman, is sentenced to six years and nine months in prison in the U.S. after being convicted of fraudulent operations as part of his involvement in the NXIVM sex sect, CNN reported.
Earlier it was reported that Claire Bronfman confessed to harboring a man who lived in the country illegally for unpaid “work and services. She also reported that she carried out fraudulent credit card transactions on behalf of China Ranier, head of NXIVM.
According to the channel, on Wednesday, the federal court in Brooklyn sentenced 41-year-old Claire Bronfman to 81 months in prison, while the prosecutor’s office recommended only 60. Bronfman has been under house arrest for the past two years.

“Those who want to marry or marry a friend will receive information about persons and dowry. On September 29, 1650, the English writer Henry Robinson opened the “Meetings and Addresses Bureau” in London, the world’s first marriage agency.
In 2018, six people were arrested for their role in NXIVM. Among the detainees, in particular, was a famous American actress Allison Mac, who played the role of Chloe Sullivan in the TV series “The Mysteries of Smallville. She pleaded guilty and is currently awaiting sentencing.
NXIVM was founded in the second half of the 1990s and was engaged in “self-improvement training”. The organization’s prosecutors previously stated that the organization’s leader, Keith Ranier, was a fraud and created himself a harem of women. The prosecution concluded that the women were subjected to sexual slavery, branded with the initials Ranier, kept on a starving diet, and extorted money. The women were also asked to provide nude photos and compromising information in case they break up with the organization in the future.