In the U.S., the scandal began presidential elections

At the Democratic caucus in Iowa, votes have been in place for hours because of a computer glitch. Meanwhile, On the caucus, Republicans won a landslide victory over Trump.
In the U.S. state of Iowa on Monday, February 3, there were primary party votes – caucuses – in the Democratic and Republican parties. However, the release of the results of the Democrats’ caucuses has been delayed for several hours, CNN reports
The leadership of the Democratic Party said that the computer application had malfunctioned. However, it is noted that the problems are not related to the hacking attack or any external interference.

According to the channel, the leadership of the Democratic Party is holding a meeting to decide how to deal with the problem. Representatives of politicians vying for the Democratic presidential nomination were not invited to the meeting.
Vice President Joe Biden has done what many would think to be impossible
Party representatives have previously acknowledged that there were “delays” in publishing the data due to “quality checks”. They gave no details.

Meanwhile, incumbent U.S. President Donald Trump won the Iowa Republican caucuses. The Republican Party’s office in the state posted a message on its Twitter page.

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“The Republican Party in Iowa announces that U.S. President Donald Trump, having won the vast majority of votes, has won,” the text reads.

Both Republicans and Democrats are holding their meetings on Monday. At these meetings, called caucuses, delegates are selected, who at the upcoming national conventions of the parties will support a candidate for the presidential nomination in the elections scheduled for November 3.

Earlier it was reported that Trump called his rival in the upcoming election Bloomberg short.